EQTEC plc has a proprietary gasification technology used in industrial size power plants to convert waste into synthetic gas to generate electricity and heat.

The world is drowning in waste

Around the world, 7-10 billion tonnes of waste are generated annually.

Approximately 2 billion tonnes of this is categorised as Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”), a key component of Refuse Derived Fuel (“RDF”).

Every year, the UK exports over 3 million tonnes of RDF – a potential energy source – due to a lack of conversion capacity.

EQTEC has the technology to tackle this growing problem

EQTEC Gasifier Technology (“EGT”) is a best-in-class conversion technology which efficiently converts biomass and waste into clean synthetic gas.

This syngas can be fed directly into gas engines to generate high levels of electrical and thermal energy.

The waste industry needs our solution

EQTEC sources projects that have a local supply of waste in need of conversion. We insert ourselves as the linchpin, bringing together the promoters, the waste owners, the building contractors and funders.

Our state-of-the-art gasifier technology is proven, reliable and efficient. This enables project developers to construct highly profitable waste elimination plants.


EQTEC plc is listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”)