About Us

EQTEC plc has a proprietary advanced gasification technology used in industrial size power plants. Our technology has accumulated hundreds of thousands of running hours in different power plants.

We Are EQTEC plc

The World Bioenergy Association (“WBA”) states that waste management is a fast growing environmental business in the world today. Its report on Energy Recovery from Waste states that the annual global waste generation accounts for 7-10 billion tonnes in total, out of which approximately 2 billion tonnes are categorised as Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”). It is the intention of EQTEC to tackle this increasing problem. WBA states that the advantages of using an energy recovery from waste system are:

  • It reduces the volume of waste up to 96%
  • Production of heat and electricity along with solid waste management
  • Better sanitation, lower risk of contamination and diseases
  • It has climate change impact as producing energy from waste avoids potential emissions from landfilling

This is where we come in

EQTEC Gasifier Technology (“EGT”) is an advanced conversion technology which converts biomass and waste into a synthetic gas used to power gas turbines and generate electricity.

The fuel that is used in the EGT conversion process is Refuse Derived Fuel (“RDF”).  RDF is a fuel produced from various types of wastes such as Municipal Solid Waste, industrial wastes or commercial wastes.

In excess of 3 million tonnes of RDF is currently exported annually from the UK. The UK is currently exporting a potential energy source in RDF due to a lack of conversion capacity.

Our technology is the most efficient way to convert RDF into electricity and heat.

EQTEC sources projects that have a local supply of waste in need of conversion. It brings together the promoters, the waste owners, the building contractors and funders and provides the technology and engineering services to the projects. It may also take an equity stake in the projects. EQTEC provides Operation & Maintenance services to the operating projects generating recurring revenues over the life of the projects.

EGT enables project developers to construct highly profitable waste elimination plants converting the waste into electrical and thermal energy. The high comparative energy efficiency of EGT versus other technologies also provides project developers with a competitive advantage allowing them to quote more competitive gate fees for the waste supply.

EGT is one of the most advanced modular gasification technologies available on the market. It offers higher efficiency compared to other generation technologies which creates a competitive advantage for EQTEC.

EQTEC plc is listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”).