The Movialsa biomass gasification plant, which opened in 2011, is located just under two hours south of Madrid in the Ciudad Real province of Spain.

Based on EQTEC Gasifier Technology (“EGT”), the installation has a high electrical and thermal efficiency, superior to alternative technologies such as biomass combustion.

In the process, the feedstock passes into one of the four gasifiers and controlled air is added to the bottom of the fluidised bed reactor. EGT heats the feedstock at a high temperature before cleaning the syngas to such a high degree of purification that it can be directly combusted into three 2.0 MWe GE Jenbacher gas engine to generate electricity.

Electricity produced is sold into the national grid and heat output is used in an alcohol distillery adjacent to the power plant.

Project Information


Project name Movialsa
Location Campo de Criptana – Ciudad Real, Spain
Technology EGT – bubbling fluidised bed gasifier
Application Syngas to CHP by means of IC Engines
Feedstocks Olive pulp & olive pits

Energy Data

Feedstock consumption 4 000 kg/h
No. of gasifiers 4 units
No. of IC Engines 3 units
IC Engine GE Jenbacher / JMS620
Thermal power 6.6 MWt
Production of saturated steam at 6 bar 5 600 kg/hr
Production of hot water 159 m3/h
Electrical power 6.0 MWe
Electrical efficiency 30.2%