Belisce I

Belisce I

Belisce I Project is an Integrated Biomass Gasification Power Plant (“IBGPP”), located in Belisce, Croatia.

The project is designed to produce clean electricity from forest waste utilising EQTEC Gasifier Technology and GE Jenbacher Engines, with an electrical output capacity of 1.2 MWe and a thermal output of 1.6 MW. The power plant is based on one GE Jenbacher 612 engine and one gasification plant.

The electricity produced will be sold to the state energy operating company and thermal energy will be sold to the company HF (Harburg-Freudenberger Belišce ltd), obtaining high energy efficiency.

Project Information


Project name Sense Esco – Belisce I
Location Belisce, Croatia
Technology EGT – bubbling fluidised bed gasifier
Application Syngas to CHP by means of IC Engine
Feedstock Woodchips

Energy Data

Feedstock consumption 979 kg/h
No. of gasifiers 1 unit
No. of IC Engines 1 unit
IC Engine GE Jenbacher / 612
Electrical power 1.2 MWe
Electrical efficiency 28.4%